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The pupils of St Mary’s RC Primary School in Clayton-le-Moors are an inspirational group of children. Their story of building an entire classroom outdoors went around the world and they were featured on the BBC. They are determined to give plastic a second life by making ecobricks – plastic bottles stuffed tight with single use plastic.WHAT MORE PRESENTED ST MARYS RC PRIMARY SCHOOL WITH A BESPOKE ENGRAVED PLAQUE DURING THEIR VISIT

Responsible plastic housewares manufacturer Tony Grimshaw OBE (Director of What More UK) was invited to visit the school to see the project, and speak to them about the reuse of plastic and that ‘Not all Plastic is Drastic’. He returned the compliment by inviting them into the manufacturing premises of What More, just down the road in Altham, to see for themselves how recycling works for them.

What More creates reusable products from “single use” plastics, including for example, margarine tubs. The firm’s popular Upcycled range of housewares is made from 95% recycled post-consumer plastics. Every year, What More give a new lease of life to over 10,000 tonnes of recycled plastic, made up of both domestic and industrial waste.

The pupils were fascinated to see the size and scale of What More, and how they take environmental concerns very seriously.

What More also presented the visiting children with a bespoke engraved plaque during their visit, which was manufactured on their machinery.

Tony Grimshaw commented: “It was fantastic to have the children in our factory and be able to show them in real life how we care for the environment through all our processes. They will be able to take this knowledge back and carry on with their environmental work, and we wish them all the best in their futures!”

Garry Ireland, Operations Director at What More UK, said: “It was great to show children around who were so enthused about what we do, they asked lots of questions and it was a delight for me and my team to welcome them to What More.

“Some of the children showed real enthusiasm at learning all about our technology and I’m sure in the future some of them will become What More employees which will be a delight for us to support the local community.”

Stacey Mason, Class 5 teacher at St Mary’s RC Primary School, added: “We had an amazing day at What More, absolutely fantastic, we even got some goodies to take home with us. The children were amazed at the technology involved and the recycling. I’ve even learned a lot myself, it has been a wonderful day out.”

The school children are determined to continue making their ecobricks for bigger and more impressive projects in the future.

For more information about St. Mary’s Primary School in Clayton-le-Moors, including details of the ecobrick project and footage from the BBC North West’s coverage in 2019 visit

What More UK manufactures storage boxes and housewares of all kinds under the Wham brand including bakeware, around-the-sink items, products for the home laundry, utility room, and items for the garden like planters and troughs. What More’s products are all made in East Lancashire and are sold in 76 countries around the world.