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Pupils, staff and parents have been celebrating at The Hollins today as they received their well-deserved GCSE results. Despite the challenges of the last 2 years, pupils have worked hard to ensure they achieved grades that would allow them to pursue their chosen next steps. While they have lived through a pandemic that interrupted their “normal” education for a significant portion of their GCSE years, they are leaving their secondary education with an impressive haul of qualifications and grades.

Headteacher Mrs Haydock said “As a school we have seen some real improvements in most of our subject areas, showcasing the dedication and commitment of the staff at The Hollins. As a year group, our young people have achieved the best set of GCSE results since the exams were reformed in 2017 and for that I congratulate the class of 2022. I would also like to thank parents and staff for their unwavering dedication and commitment to our young people. I could not be prouder of what we have achieved at The Hollins.”

Stand out performances were achieved by many of our individuals, with Heather T topping the table in terms of the top grades.

Mrs Haydock also added “Our pupils are much more than just these excellent grades. Their determination and resilience, along with the wider skills we focus on at The Hollins, have meant they are all able to confidently take their next steps be it in A-levels, T-levels or apprenticeships. We cannot wait to see what they achieve next.”