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The Amazing Accrington business leaders met today to hear about some very positive developments for Hyndburn, which will have a lasting impact on the economic development of the area.

The packed event, held with a live audience at Accrington and Rossendale College on Sandy Lane in Accrington, saw speakers including:

  • Murray Dawson, chair of Amazing Accrington

Murray revealed exciting plans to bring a freight rail terminal to East Lancashire, which will tie into levelling up plans, give an economic boost the region, and create cost, resource and carbon savings for businesses throughout the UK

Mo spoke about his technology training programme, bringing digital skills to people right across the region – Hyndburn businesses can benefit from work-ready industry qualified technology talent

  • Morag Davies, Centre Principal for Accrington & Rossendale College

Morag showcased the £4m investment in their facility, providing education and training for people in Hyndburn which will benefit businesses by providing future workforces

Daniel gave an interesting talk about what The Northern Powerhouse can do for Hyndburn – or rather what Hyndburn can do for The Northern Powerhouse. He gave useful insight on how to access much needed Government funds for important levelling up programmes, such as the freight rail terminal

Mo commented, “It’s really great to be here at Amazing Accrington, to be working with local employers in the area, to see how they can go on their innovation journey, then employ the fantastic talent that this community has, to allow for a high skilled economy in the region.”

Morag said: “This is our first event since before lockdown, so we’re incredibly excited to welcome everyone to the campus. It’s important that we do open our doors to business and to employers, so they can start working with us, whether it’s through apprenticeships, our 16-18 learners, or adult learners and our higher education. What we can do when we work together is help learners to develop those skills and move straight into those really important positions in local businesses.”

Daniel commented: ”We’ve got business leaders here passionate and motivated about the future of the area and what they can deliver, the skills challenge and everything else. We need people like this to come forward, work with schools, work with local people to create the jobs, create the opportunities that the North so badly needs.

Simon Prideaux, Chief Planning and Transportation Officer at Hyndburn Borough Council, added: “It’s great to be back discussing things among local Accrington businesses. It’s a great event where we can talk about the future, what planning policy is and what developments are taking place across East Lancashire in order to benefit East Lancashire businesses. From the Council’s point of view, we find it a very important meeting.”

Heath Groves, CEO of local tech company Sundown Solutions added, “We’re providing 20 placements to the college over the next two years to allow people to not only come in and see what working life is like, but from our point of view to also potentially benefit from maybe applying and staying with us.”

Murray Dawson, Chair of Amazing Accrington and MD of Scott Dawson Advertising, commented: “I’ve had so much great feedback about the positive feel in the room today. The East Lancashire freight rail location has been revealed as part of a potential one billion pound investment project. One business has already committed to a £5million private sector investment as part of this, so I’m delighted.”

You can see more on opportunities for young people on the purpose built area of the #AmazingAccrington website here: